Aromatic Enhancements in the Spa (2 hours)

When they enter the spa for relaxation away from the rush of everyday life, clients have certain expectations. One of which is that luxurious, gentle smell of essential oils that lulls them into a wonderful state of relaxation even before theyenter the treatment room. However, all essential oils are not created equal. How do you determine the quality of an essential oil and therefore its therapeutic chemistry, which, of course, determines the overall effect on your client’s wellbeing? Working with correct dilution percentages and appropriate methods of application are of paramount importance, in addition to simply making the correct choice to have the desired effect.

Join Trish as she takes you on an endless journey of aromatic possibilities that can easily be incorporated into your services to both elevate and improve your client’s wellbeing.

Epigenetics. Providing a Complete Approach to Healthy Skin (2 hours)

Epigenetics is a group of factors that interact with your DNA that determines how your genetic blueprint is expressed.  Nutrition—not just in what we eat but what we apply to the skin to also feed it—along with stress, sleep and other factors all affect the genetic expression of the skin and therefore how your skin looks. Through epigenetic factors, parts of the DNA code are turned on or off and are allowed to be expressed fully, partially or not at all. The class will include consideration of the skin’s barrier function and its microbiome. Join Trish as she explores all these concepts offering wellness solutions but also looking at the latest cosmetic ingredients that can affect the cellular receptors and therefore the gene expression.

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Jackie Brindley